Molly Froelich: Life and Career Coach
Coaching Is...
  • Coaching is a simple and powerful process that enables you to make the positive changes you want in your life. Working with a coach helps you look at your life as a whole, understand yourself better, and clear a path towards your own idea of success.

  • You and your coach become a team, zeroing in on your goals and your needs, accomplishing more
    than you would alone. With a coach's help, you take manageable steps towards realizing your dreams.

  • A coach listens without judgement, expects a lot of you, and offers a high level of support and encouragement.

  • A coach asks questions, observes, and challenges. We start with the basic premise that you do have the answers — you just might need some help finding out where to look for them.

  • Coaching uses creative tools in a customized approach to each person's unique situation. Through coaching, you cut through the fog and confusion to see things in ways you never expected!

  • Coaching is present and future oriented. A coach meets you right where you are and opens up new perspectives to help you envision a better life ahead!