Molly Froelich: Life and Career Coach
Coaching Services for Creative People

Welcome! You probably have landed on this page because of the word "creative". If you are a writer, a designer, a musician, or a visual artist, creativity is such a huge force in your world - it is as natural to you as breathing.

Molly gets creative people. She gets the passion, the exhilaration, the curious exploration, and the struggle.

Artists, writers, musicians, designers, photographers and other creatives are most often beautifully unconventional people, striving for purpose and success within the context of the larger, generally more conventional culture.

Creative souls, like all of us, are seeking meaningful, vibrant, deeply rich lives of connection and satisfaction. And from this foundation, art is created, people make a living doing what they love, and lives are full!

Molly Froelich's Coaching Services for Creatives is highly customized. Molly knows that a one-size-fits-all plan does not work for artistic people. And, Molly's laser-like focus on the particular needs and values of the individual client produces real, measurable results.

Some Issues Molly Addresses:

  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship - Art and the Business of Art

  • Creativity Droughts

  • Honing Your Craft

  • Combating Isolation

  • Dealing with Discouragement and Stress

  • Time Management and Making Time to Create

  • Getting Published

  • Creating While Earning a Living at Something Else

  • Career Paths for Creative People

Work with a coach who understands the creative context and the creative vision. You are invited to contact Molly today for a free sample session to see how coaching can make a real impact on your life and on your art.

Molly's Creative Clients Say...

Sarah R"You helped me...set criteria for what kind of work I wanted to show, what kinds of shows I wanted to be in. And, last year...I had fifteen shows. Fifteen! And, for me, that's the most I've ever had. So, that's what it helped me do....and that was fantastic."
– Sarah R. Designer, Writer, Artist

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"I wasn't sure what to expect from coaching, but it was even better than I could have thought. I am so happy with the results and genuinely feel like my attitude and perspective have done a complete 180. Molly is a great listener who really understands the internal struggles of creatives and helped me to figure out and work on what's most important to me. As a result of working with her I feel extremely positive and clear on where I want to be. Molly has helped me to realize what I'm looking for not just in a career, but in life as well. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

– Wendy F. Freelance Art Director

"Regular conversations with Molly have helped me make the transition from my office job to freelancing as a musician and composer by helping me stay focused on my day to day priorities and working on long term goals. Her coaching and wise mentoring have been invaluable and kept me on track during this major life change."

– Timothy R. Musician and Composer