Molly Froelich: Life and Career Coach
Molly's Clients Say...

"I initially sought Molly's expertise for help in unraveling my cluttered thoughts about forging a new career.... Molly listened carefully and most remarkable was her ability to pull out key phrases of mine and repeat them. The impact of hearing my words spoken aloud, and directed at me so I could listen and turn them over in my mind, was powerful. In doing so, she allowed me to find my way through the clutter and remain focused. As a result of our conversations I am thinking in new ways, keeping doubtful thoughts at bay, and feeling confident in my abilities to make good decisions. She kept me accountable and this was paramount to achieving my goals. Her guidance was invaluable."

– Julie D., Musician

"Molly has helped me create more structure in my life and attainable goals. I have learned to become more organized, productive and most importantly, kind to myself as I have worked with her."

– Cara S., Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

"By asking all of the right questions, Molly cuts (compassionately) through the ensnaring tangle of fears, discombobulation, procrastination, depression, and loss. That process results in a surprising experience of clarity! With newfound focus and energy, she helps you figure out how to move forward. And it's fun!"

– Jenifer F.- Executive Director/Founder, Non-profit agency

"...Molly's blend of solidity, empathy, and questioning always helps me to get clearer on what I need to do to move forward."

– Marco B., International Development Consultant

"Molly's consistent, kind,open, and level-headed approach to coaching has always helped me to clarify my next steps."

– Stephanie M., Technology and Business Analyst

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