Molly Froelich: Life and Career Coach
The Nuts & Bolts

Individual coaching sessions can happen in person or over the telephone. I am located in Eastern
Massachusetts and for those who are local, I would be happy to meet with you face to face.
Otherwise, if the phone is more convenient, that works fine too.

Sessions are typically 30 minutes long and there are generally four sessions per month.
Between sessions, clients have self-directed work to do: actions or reflections they complete
in order to move toward their goals. A client's regular accountability to me on this work is a way
to make sure that things are moving forward.

The coaching process begins with an hour-long discovery session. The discovery session
provides me with the privilege of hearing a client's life described in her/his own words. It also allows
us to begin to do some important planning of our coaching relationship; for example setting short
and long-term goals and clarifying values.